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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Hearts

Just a quick card I made for a magazine call which got "rejected" :o) You have to take it all in stride and thankfully I do. This card uses Tami Mayberry's set Happy Hearts and some Tim Holtz Distress inks. I found a great deal on the distress inks at a recent stamp show and was so tickled!

The kids are settled back in from the week of camp and again this year brought some camp germs (we call it "camp crud") with them. Dean started running a high fever Monday and since it was quite high and he had a very sore throat my dear husband took him to the doctor to check for strep which thankfully was negative. However...on the way home, to help his throat, he bought Dean a milkshake. Did I mention he had had a high fever???? Yep, high fever and milk products don't mix and within an hour of being home...well, you know! Of course, now our two year old boy likes to recreate it (which is quite funny!) LOL!
Here is hoping today is fever free!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Olga said...

Gorgeous card, sounds like you have your hands full! Bless thier hearts, here's praying they get better real soon!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Sounds like a good case of projectile "V's". Ouch.... milkshake, really? Hope everyone is feeling better. Now on to this beautiful card.....anything but a reject. Gorgeous as a matter of fact.

Tami Mayberry said...

looks awesome to me :) Keep at it girlie. you rock!

Kay S said...

Your lovely card definitely isn't a "reject" even if the mag didn't want to publish it. Just wasn't the right thing for them at this point. I really like your color combo and the clean simplicity of it.
Sorry to hear about your sick little one. Two years ago when my son went to church camp the entire camp came down with Noro virus (the stomach crud that people get on cruise ships). That was quite a memorable week for them all, to say the least! Sorry your kiddo had to bring it home with him. Hope he is well soon!

Anonymous said...

Crikey...why did they reject that...some of the stuff i see in mags would only grace my bin!...This is definitely better than an awful lot out there....Must have had their taste glasses on the table and not on their mug! ( Australia.....usually we say your ugly mug....terms of endearment!)

Men need to be taught what not to feed children!...Seems to be a worldwide thing with men.