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Friday, September 12, 2008

Whimsical Autumn

Just this afternoon I received my new Gina K. order...I have been looking forward to the stamp set Whimsical Autumn ever since I saw parts of it a the Gina K. party on the SCS forums (was that just a week ago?...time sure flies!) The sad thing about that night is our power went out and the phone lines went dead, so I had to wait until late that night to even see the complete set, but the samples alone were AMAZING! Enough to make me want the whole set. :o)

Whimsical Autumn was designed by Carolyn King and is a set of 12 stamps. She is donating 100% of her proceeds to the Alzheimer's Association in her grandmother's memory. A really neat thing about purchasing this stamp set this month is that the Alzheimer's Association Board is matching donations for the month of September. So $25 donated is worth $50.... National Alzheimer's Day is September 21.

I also ordered the stamp set Comfort and Peace and just love the tin it came in. Whimsical Autumn came in a nice bag, but I have a hard time keeping up with all of the pieces. So, I found a tin (similar to the one's Gina K.'s sets come in) that I had sitting around in my craft room (from the various SU Accents and Elements sets) and adhered the label to the top so it will be easy to find the stamp set I want. I just cut the label out and adhered it to the front. Easy peasy! My only recommendation...make sure your fingers are free from ink before you start :o) My infant was napping so I wanted to hurry and stamp some too so I smudged the cover a bit...
I am off to straighten the house some so I can get back to playing with my new stamps!
Have a great day!


catdidit said...

Oh what a gorgeous card! Love the cb folder you used and the colors, everything just works so well together! Cant wait to get mine too! (shipped Monday, taking post office FORever!) lol

Carolyn King said...

Fantastic card....I am so glad you like the set. It is very close to my heart. Thanks so much for your support.....I love what you did with the willows!

Great idea with the tin too!!!