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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fall~Winter Catalog

The new Fall~Winter Stampin' Up! catalog arrived yesterday...there are so many wonderful things! I have probably only gone through it about 5 times and need to start making my wishlist. I am excited about purchasing various things out of it throughout the next six months. (I say six months because SU will have ANOTHER new catalog in January since they are going to 2 catalogs a year)
There are some really pretty stamp sets with a wide variety of styles so there is really something for everyone. ;o) I know my customers will be very excited about what is available and the price increase wasn't too much at all. There are quite a few of the mini catalog sets that made it into this catalog...but Like it a Latte and Love Matters isn't in this one so hopefully they will make it into the next catalog. They are some favorites!

The above is a card I made for another swap I am in. I decided to use the new stamp set Zoofari and basically make a pink panther. It uses the SU colors Tempting Turquoise, Basic Black and the new In Color Purely Pomegranate. Have a great day!


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